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03-02-18 5 Friday Quotes to Inspire

Yesterday's email gave me a chance to think further about my own activity for the first 60-days and really see some areas I am going to be stepping it up in the next 30.  If you didn't get a chance to drop me a line and let me know some of your's then it's not to late...make it part of your Friday wrap-up for the week.

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03-01-18…30 days from today?

My morning routine for preparing my daily email is to go through the various Google alerts I have set, look through the latest infographics, see what some of the latest thought leaders across real estate, marketing, the economy, etc. have recently said.  All with the idea of what can I share that will bring value to you as a reader.

As usual this morning I found lots of little nuggets and have stowed much away in my Pocket app for later use.

However, as I looked down at the lower right hand corner of my computer something really stuck out at me...

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02-22-18 If a deal is great, other people will…

This morning as I was looking for inspiration to share in today's email I came across a post in a Facebook group that was a "lessons learned" post by someone at the end of working through their first rehab.

One particular point stuck out at me:  "Don't use my own money - if the deal is great other people will invest"

Here's a list of reasons why I think that statement is profound regardless of where you source your funds from:

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02-21-18 Home is where the business is (or not)

Arizona is currently wrestling at all levels of government regarding the regulation of home-based businesses and whether you need the government's permission to work out of of your house.

At the State level House Bill 2333 would prevent municipalities from prohibiting home-based businesses that conform to the local laws on parking, traffic, noise, etc.  Lawmakers summed it up as follows:

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