02-16-18 Tenants in Graffiti

Interesting story out of NYC this week where a building owner has for over a decade been renting space out to tenants for art studios.  This eventually grew into allowing the tenants to be able to paint the outside of the building as a canvas.  As the quality of the works increased so did the attraction value and with it the property values.

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02-14-18 Real Bit(ter)?

The hype around Bitcoin seems to have simmered down a bit.  Not sure if you know anyone who's bitter over making a swag investment in something they don't understand?  I know a few personally.

Anyway...the underlying technology of crypto which is blockchain does seem to have tremendous potential once you peel back the layer of hype.  I took a look around and found a few areas in real estate where promising ideas are percolating:

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02-13-18 Lead Paint and Chickens!

So if you're in this business for any length of time you are going to come across a plethora of war stories, right?

Some you've heard before and then there will be some you just would never dream to be true.  Though all remind us to keep on our toes.

Last night I was in a group where such stories were being swapped and here's two that stuck out

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