03-07-18 A screwdriver works and is that a Magic Gary video?

This morning I came across a little Gary Vee posted in another group.  If you don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is you might have just been living under a rock.  No judgement...I actually don't follow him closely but the first video is absolutely on point so take a few minutes to watch it for some Wednesday, Hump-Day motivation if you've been grinding and it just doesn't seem like you're getting anywhere this'll add a bit of motivation to keep at it.


I've been part of building businesses for nearly twenty years...some successful and some not.  In the heat of the moment you never really know whether you're being successful or not long-term but there is a drive; and sometimes a lot of blind faith, to just keep going that you must have either way or you will certainly NEVER be successful.

I'm dropping a second Gary Vee video below.  It is definitely NSFW so don't hit play unless your volume is turned down...but DO hit play...if that video doesn't get you motivated to keep going then maybe it is time to really think hard about why you want to be in the real estate business or any business for that matter.  I know at first it looks like a "Magic Gary" video but it really isn't!

Comment below after you've watched one or both.  How did you feel afterwards?  Motivated?  Or did you recoil?  Do you hate the message or love it?

I've been grinding myself on a new website and a ton of marketing campaigns (both on the funding side and in my wholesaling business)...there's light at the end of the tunnel for this round.  I can't wait until this stuff goes active and I can start sharing some of it.  I also can't wait to hear how your business is going whether you have a deal ready to secure funding or not.  Email me at letstalk@fundingresolved.com‚Äč and let me know how it's going...what are you working on...is there light at the end of the tunnel for you on your current round?  If not, we can talk about that too.

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