02-21-18 Home is where the business is (or not)

Arizona is currently wrestling at all levels of government regarding the regulation of home-based businesses and whether you need the government's permission to work out of of your house.

At the State level House Bill 2333 would prevent municipalities from prohibiting home-based businesses that conform to the local laws on parking, traffic, noise, etc.  Lawmakers summed it up as follows:


A business would be considered 'no-impact' if it:

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    Sells lawful goods or services
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    Uses a temporary sign during business hours no larger than 2' x 2'
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    Does not cause on-street parking congestion or substantial traffic
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    Employs residents or immediate relatives, or no more than three outsiders

Of course there are many who oppose the legislation for many reasons:

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    Vacation rentals (aka - AirBNB) would seem to be acceptable under the outline above and many localities want to be able to further restrict them specifically
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    Business hours aren't defined above so is "normal" 8pm to 12am or should it be more in line with a typical business day...if so, not so great for the moonlighter that runs a side business outside of their regular job that is during the typical business day

Personally, this is an issue very near and dear to me as I've run side businesses out of my house for nearly two decades.  Sometimes they were full-time ventures and other times they were in addition to my jobs in corporate finance.  For the most part my neighbors were either none the wiser or became clients at one time or another.  I can certainly see the oppositions side as well as with every rule there are those who will take it to the extreme!

What are your thoughts?  Any experiences in your local area that argue for or against?

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