02-15-18 What are the top 3 things I should know about your business?

I was at a networking event the other night and during the mad dash session to exchange business cards I started talking to two guys and turns out both were Realtors.  One of them asked what the top three things he should know about my business are which I thought was a pretty good networking question overall.

My answers:


  • 1
    My lenders want the property bought inside of an entity rather than your personal name.
  • 2
    You can never move into the property as your personal residence.
  • 3
    Yes, the rates are higher but the financing costs should be built into your project budget anyway.

Comment below and tell me the top 3 things I should know about YOUR business.  Don't assume I know them even though I'm in the industry myself. 

Bonus...thinking about the answer ahead of time will mean you'll have a ready to go answer next time you're at a networking event.

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